Cesar Collins: Sharks have to get back on top. This is demonstrated with facts and not with words

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The team Sharks of La Guairain the voice of Anthony Herrerapresident and owner of the club, along with Cesar Collinsnew general manager of the franchise, revealed that Henry White will be the manager of the sharks, and Edgardo Alfonso your bench coach for the upcoming contest.

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The newly appointed manager of the salados emphasized many issues, but specifically with regard to imports, the Creole base, players who have shown interest in playing with Guairathe reasons for the appointment of Henry White Y Edgardo Alfonsoinformation about other players who were at the negotiating table, names that are playing in other leagues and much more.

“There was a thorough review of the budget. I am satisfied with what I saw. Henry and Edgardo at the time of the interviews were very committed to this project. What turned out was that the choice was easy for both of them,” said the executive, who already has experience as a manager in clubs such as Magellan Navigators and in the Major League Professional Baseballwhere he is the president of the entity and of Senators of Caracas.

Although the board of directors defined the positions of manager and bench coach, there are others, such as pitching coach, that have not yet been clarified. With respect to that, collins He said the commitment “is season after season. We are focused on the 2022-2023 campaign. There are a few names, specifically four for the pitching coach job. I’m aware of the problems we’ve had with pitching and he should be a fit guy.”

He also stated that Liu Rodriguez Y Enrique Gonzalezthird-string and bullpen coaches during the previous season with Dennis Malave Y Jackson Melianwill repeat their duties as coaching staff.

“They are the only ones who will repeat those from last season” he pointed out collins.

Another important note is the incorporation of the new manager Escualo early in the campaign. Henry White he is a coach with the Washington Nationals. However, the guairista general manager assured that he will be there from day one.

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“Henry Blanco is a coach for the Washington Nationals, but due to how the LVBP’s season schedule has been, there should be no problem for him to arrive early, even from preseason training,” he asserted.

Find parts in the market: a priority

collins He added that in the team “we don’t have untouchables. La Guaira will be very active in the market and will look for all available options to help the team, from day one. We had a great core of young people, but we don’t know how much we can count on them”, he pointed out regarding the latest movements. The country’s coastal team has been one of the most active franchises in these first changes after the 2021 season ended -2022.

Something that has raised controversy is the exchange of José Alberto Martínez and his brother Teodoro to the Tigres de Aragua. Regarding that topic, collins it was blunt.

“Cafecito and Teodoro are invaluable for the currency historically speaking, but we needed the material that arrived. As well as wishing Cafecito Martínez success in Tigres de Aragua, I also hope that those who come will help us with the objectives,” he emphasized.

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Wilson García, Daniel Montaño, Eduardo Sosa, Francisco Arcia or Ramón García are the pieces that came in the exchange with the brothers Martinez and the pitcher jordan cavaneriosomething that highlights the new manager of operations of the salty

“Wilson García can play first or catcher. Francisco Arcia is also a top-class catcher. Last year Genovés and Juan Fernández left us. We had a big gap in catcher. Ramón García has been a pitcher since day 1 “recalling the virtues of the material he received from the Tigres de Aragua. In addition to cataloging “it is necessary to deliver good material to receive something good, it is a win-win issue in this type of negotiations,” he said collins.

Asked by those players who have not played in recent years such as Yolmer Sánchez, Yonathan Daza or Alcides Escobar, he stated: “there is no one untouchable. In your case too. If there is a team interested in them and it fits the guidelines that we want, we can talk “, which is why he urged those clubs to negotiate as long as they meet the parameters that his office seeks.

In addition, he also had time to report on a negotiation with Aragua Tigers by the right pitcher William Moscoso.

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“Guillermo Moscoso was part of the negotiations with Tigres. Aragua had other pretensions that we did not reconcile. Later we may try again, but both guidelines must be in agreement so that interest can be realized.”

The import: it is not a matter of money

collins He added that last year, sharks he spent considerable money on its importation. “The issue of importing sharks is not an economic problem. Whether it is to hire foreign players or someone Creole, we are trained for that, “he specified.

The director gave as an example the case of Nellie Rodriguez with Magellana player who played on an independent circuit and had a great campaign with the current champions of the LVBP.

“Nellie Rodríguez was not in organized baseball and still stood out. This is an example that we will not necessarily opt only for players from the system,” assured the boss.

The negotiation with Henry Blanco and Edgardo Alfonzo

According collins, Henry White “He wants to have a solid team. We hope to continue making movements. We have to continue to be very active in the market. Tiburones has to be at the top, be a reference as in the past. This is demonstrated with facts and not with words”

while about Edgardo Alfonso declared that he was already a coach with Magellan “And also in Class A with the Mets he was champion. Edgardo’s imprint is that respect that he has in the Caribbean and the United States. We’re talking about a person who is a Hall of Famer for the Mets, who has just been named manager in the Atlantic League, “he stressed.

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He highlighted the issue of respect that both instill in their direct. “The players with whom I have had communication are happy to have a figure like Edgardo Alfonzo and Henry Blanco. They are guys who have earned significant respect, both in Magallanes and Tigres in the case of Edgardo and in Bravos in the case of Henry. They were players who always showed they knew how to take the reins when they played.”

Names in the plans and messages of some of them

collins reported that he is in communication with Ehire Adrianza and Miguel Rojas “And they are very committed to having a very active contribution to the team. Looking to have a competitive club and that Sharks can be up to the challenge of the team’s 60 years, “he revealed.

He noted that Francisco Rodriguez and Gregor Blanco they have “the doors open” to the guairista clubhouse if they want to decide to retire playing one last year with the currency.

“Gregor and the Kid are active members of Tiburones. They have the doors open to La Guaira. When they officially leave here, they will tell us, but as long as they want to join, they are welcome,” he released.

Finally, the new general manager of the Sharks of La Guaira He had words about the new role he now has.

“This is a bigger challenge, yes, we have many years without winning, but that’s not why we’re going to stop working. We’re going to hope that the results speak for themselves and to be able to speak at the end of the season with facts and that it’s something favorable for us ” Hill collins.

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Cesar Collins: Sharks have to get back on top. This is demonstrated with facts and not with words