Cash apologizes for keeping Kirk’s card

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash apologized to the Toronto Blue Jays a day after the Rays veteran, Kevin Kiermaier, was left with a scorecard that fell from a wrist strap to Alexander Kirk, from Toronto.

Cash said he had approached Puerto Rican Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo, as well as pitching coach Pete Walker and general manager Ross Atkins to apologize after Tuesday’s game that the Rays lost 4-2 to Toronto. .

“So all of this is behind us now,” agreed Montoyo.

Kiermaier was put out by Kirk of Mexico as he slipped home during the sixth inning of Monday’s game, a 6-4 victory for the Rays. After the play, he noticed that there was a piece of paper next to him.

He collected it and took it to the Tampa Bay cave, where he discreetly handed it over to Paul Hoover, the club’s field coordinator.

“I never even looked at her, I have to say that,” Kiermaier told Sportnet before Tuesday’s match. “But he wasn’t going to throw it away or return it either.”

Sportnet reported that Toronto sent a bat boy to the Rays dugout to request delivery of the card. The Rays did not return the scores, which likely included information about the pitches the Blue Jays would make to Tampa batters.

“I had no idea that we had the card,” Cash said. “I expressed that to Ross, Charlie and Pete Walker, but I take full responsibility. I apologized to all of them and if I should speak to Robbie ray (Monday’s opener) I have no problem doing it. It was not appropriate and I’m sorry. “

There was no retaliation Tuesday against Kiermaier at the meeting.