Carmona SPOKE about his future at Industriales: “the team is above personal ambition”

By Yasel Porto

The theme of the direction of Industrialists for the 2023 National Series is one of the main ones for industrialist fans through the different debate spaces.

But aside from the criteria of the followers of the group with the most titles in the National Series, it is also important to know the consideration of members of the Lions on the subject.

And perhaps the most expected opinion within the giraldillo squad is precisely the one who is on everyone’s lips right now, Guillermo Carmona, who until now remains as manager of the representatives of the Cuban capital.

The journalist himself had the opportunity to talk with him, and the two main topics were around what happened in the current season already in its final phase, as well as what he thinks might happen to him and his current team in the immediate future. .

Carmona accepted that no one should bear the blame for the defeat, and emphasized taking all kinds of responsibility away from the players of the blue team. And he assumed the main causes of the elimination of the Havana team in the quarterfinals against the current champions of Granma.

The man who, despite criticism, has classified Industriales for the playoffs in the five seasons he has been in charge of them, said “he is calm before the possibility of a substitution,” and added to the journalist from Tribuna de La Habana and Cubadebate that ” the team is above any personal ambition.

Carmona assured that he would have no problem handing over the address if an ideal candidate appears to assume the demanding role of director of the Lions. In this sense and for a logical reason he avoided mentioning names that could be in charge of the team in the future.

Although a large percentage believes that the best thing is a new face in this function, there is not a totally solid proposal if we take into account that someone much mentioned as Lázaro de la Torre is not to the liking of many managers in Havana. At least that’s how the former pitcher himself expressed in an exclusive interview with Swing Complete.

Others who have been cited by fans and specialists for the blue helm are the charismatic former first baseman Alexander Malleta and Erlys Garrido, who was with the team as coach until recently. And there are those who consider that Carmona does not have a leading role in the title crisis that Industriales is experiencing and therefore should remain there.

The truth is that the sooner the INDER of the capital makes a decision, the better it will be, because in this way, whoever is in charge of the blues for the 62nd National Series has enough time to do what they can in the preseason phase.

Personally, I believe that the situation of the twelve-time monarchs of Cuba goes beyond their manager, since from 2010 to 2022 six have passed without them going beyond the 2012 runner-up position.

Likewise, I believe that De la Torre could be an interesting option for several reasons, and prevent Guillermo Carmona’s image from deteriorating too much in public opinion. Plus I don’t think he’s the one to get this team out of their winning drought.

In addition to the fact that I think that the Liseño was wrong in certain strategic and non-strategic issues, I consider that the first to classify Metros for the playoff and with a positive index always with Industriales, does not deserve the disrespect that has occurred on the part of many after the most recent defeat.

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Carmona SPOKE about his future at Industriales: “the team is above personal ambition”