Captain of the National Series IN DOUBT, after REFUSAL to repair his house

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Attention to athletes has always been a neuralgic issue in Cuban sports and baseball, a national sport, is no exception. Infinite is the number of players who have complained about the bad treatment received during their sports career by the authorities of their province and, after retirement, much worse.

On this occasion I bring you an example of the current situation, in the middle of 2022, the Artemisa team that is preparing for the 61st edition of the National Series. He is a regular player, one of the best talents in the province, who lives a critical moment that cannot be overlooked among ball lovers on the island, according to published by the user Luis Javier Rodríguez Ortega in the Facebook Group of Warrior Hunters of Artemisa (verified by the Complete Swing team with sources close to the player). I tell you…

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It happens that the player Artemis Yoan Moreno Martinez, better known as «Cortico», who is «captain, center fielder and third goalkeeper of the Cazadores de Artemisa – is going through, perhaps, one of the most difficult moments that an athlete can go through and it is the total lack of attention from the province . It turns out that “El capi” has been asking for some construction materials to finish his house for several years and nothing, a different justification always appears and this year was the last straw, “wrote Rodríguez.

«Today, the 25th of the Hunters, it is doubt facing the 61st, with all its reason. Performance that supports it has, so … what has to happen? That the athlete decides not to play anymore (at least for mugwort) so that his problem is solved? Are we really in a position to let this athlete go? “, Added the user.

It’s about time someone got serious about baseball in the province. Hopefully this reaches who has to reach and the athlete is cared for and, even so, I ask myself: is it necessary to get to this? “Said Luis Javier.

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“If Moreno the place of being the captain of the baseball team were the son, grandson, nephew or friend of” someone, “would it be the same situation? It is worth clarifying that it is not only him, but if the captain goes through this, what can we expect for the others? », Asked the follower of the Hunters.

Seriously, the change in Artemis has to be from above. Who knows an athlete knows of the sacrifice of these to make us enjoy. They have families and many times they do not see their children being born, having their birthday or growing up, because they play baseball. Not everything is the “cute” part that many talk about, the hotel and the soft drinks. As a former Hunter captain would tell me: “We players have the same problems as everyone else and half the time to solve them.” Please, Artemisa, let’s not lose Yoan Moreno, “concluded Rodríguez.

As many know, Artemisa’s team is one of the ones that has presented the most problems during the preseason, with a stadium that is not in a position to receive Series 61, a poor transportation that has made it late for the team to many commitments, in addition to having the minimum requirements that a cast of the National Baseball Series needs.

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This situation that occurs with its captain, Yoan Moreno, is unacceptable and weighs down even more the little? prestige that the sport has left in Cuba. If the athlete makes the decision to leave the team, to escape from Cuba to improve his situation, then the authorities and even his people criticize him.

Moreno, with seven seasons played in Cuba, is hitting an excellent .320 average, a product of 221 hits in 690 times at bat, including 35 doubles, six triples and 11 home runs, in addition to 85 RBIs and 105 runs scored.

His offensive line is .376 / .436 / .812 (OBP / SLU / OPS), while, glove in hand, he has an average of .972, with 13 errors in 468 shots, in addition to 56 assists and participation in 13 double play plays, defending the outfield, mainly.

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Captain of the National Series IN DOUBT, after REFUSAL to repair his house