Can the Yankees keep up their great pace all year?

The New York team remains the one with the best record in MLB, dominating in some of the main offensive and pitching boxes in the league after a month and a half of the season.

It cannot be a surprise to anyone that after a month and a half of the start of the 2022 season of the Big leagues, new york yankees be one of the teams that have been performing the best. For decades now, the team has been one of the titans of the regular season and for the last ten years it is fair to say that it has been the most competitive team in MLBdespite the fact that they have not been able to lift a champions trophy.

The “bad luck” of the yankees It has been a consequence of multiple factors, the main one being health, which has failed him at key moments of his seasons. figures like Giancarlo Stanton Y Aaron Judgethey’ve had a number of trips to the disabled list, which has worked against the team, but they’ve always been able to stay competitive.

That same health has been one of the fundamental elements in 2022 for the “Bronx Bombers”. Their record of 28 wins and only 10 losses, while occupying the second position in home runs fired (55), being leaders in the league in slugging (SLG) and OPS, are a clear clue that the bats have been present. However, it has not only been the bats, but the pitchers have also stood up for the team.

The yankees They have the best ERA in the Major Leagues with 2.74 in 332 innings before starting the day this Thursday, May 19. This has been thanks to the great work of their starters, who also have the team in the Top 5 of most collective statistics for pitchers so far this year.

Clearly, the team has shown the consistency that has kept them competing year after year, but this season, at least for now, health has been added, an element that they have lacked so much in recent seasons.

However, one should not be deluded, a season of Big leagues it is long and many things can happen. The projections are not always fulfilled, the pitchers who are excellent have a bad start any day or the best hitter can go on a losing streak and unfortunately, there are injuries, that is the reality of baseball. Although the team has all the tools to be competitive, it is not true that they will be able to maintain this pace for 162 games. If they did, they would project to win 120 games, something never seen in the history of the league.

The reality is that the season is just beginning and anything can happen, but the signs point to another great year for the yankees, although not with the impetus and rhythm that they have so far. There is a saying in the Dominican Republic that: “in baseball no one is as good as their winning streaks, or as bad as their losing streaks“, the yankees they will have to deal with it.

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Can the Yankees keep up their great pace all year?