Can Julio Urías match Fernando Valenzuela’s record for victories in one season?

The Mexican Julio Urías is having one of the most victorious seasons for a Mexican pitcher in the history of the MLB; no more than 10 countrymen pitchers have accomplished this.

Fernando Valenzuela is undoubtedly considered the best Mexican pitcher who has passed through the MLB; even if, since he arrived Julio Urías Precisely to the Dodgers the comparisons between the two have not stopped because of Urías’ great start to his career.

Julio Urías has just signed his 16th win of the season, the most in a season in his career. Fernando Valenzuela went on to win 21 games in one season, the most of his career.

Urías has 16 victories and according to what remains of the schedule for the Angels Dodgers, the Mexican could make 4-5 more starts.

Can Julio Urías match Fernando Valenzuela’s record for victories in one season?

For that, he must not lose in any of his next outings in the regular season, thus reaching 21 to match him and possibly 22 to overcome him.

Urías is the sixth Mexican to reach 16 victories in a season in MLB history, the others being Fernando Valenzuela, Teodoro Higuera, Esteban Loaiza, Yovany Gallardo and Jorge de la Rosa. The last to do so was Jorge de la Rosa in 2014.

In his last 7 outings, Urías has a brilliant 1.45 ERA in 37.1 innings of work with 42 strikeouts. In his last outing against the Giants, Julio Urías he threw 5.2 innings, 8 hits, 1 run, 0 BB and 8 strikeouts. Now the Mexican raised his record to 16 wins and just 3 losses in 115 innings pitched, 1.05 from WHIP and a brilliant 3.11 ERA.

With the evolution that Urías has been better season after season with a great tendency to win games, it is not ruled out that he will soon be a loyal contender for the National League Cy Young and go to an all-star game for the first time.