Brian Cashman confirms that the Yankees are going for Carlos Correa

The General Manager of the Yankees from New York, Brian

, spoke clearly and said that the past of Carlos Correa in the Major League Baseball – MLB It will not be an impediment for them to go after his services in free agency.

Through statements to the press this Thursday, Brian Cashman He was forceful with his words and made it clear that the Yankees above all else, will try to go for Carlos Correa in free agency, this making mention of how involved the Puerto Rican was with the theft of signs from the Houston Astros a few years ago in Major League Baseball.

“Is a great player? Yes. He’s a free agent, so my job is to evaluate him and act accordingly, ”Cashman said of Correa.


Correa is one of the players singled out and criticized for that theft of signs in the MLB with the Astros, but his past will not be an impediment to the Yankees and his manager tries to go for his services in the face of free agency, remembering that the Puerto Rican is one of the most sought-after shorts currently in the market.

The Yankees manager assured a few days ago that they had had contact with the agents of Carlos Correa and Corey Seager, two players hoping for good, millionaire contracts for the 2022 Major League Baseball season.

In addition, these words from Brian Cashman may not go down so well with Yankees fans, since every time the Astros visited them in New York after the scandal, the boos did not take long to make themselves felt and the Puerto Rican was a victim. from them.

Is Correa what the Yankees need?

As for his characteristics, the Puerto Rican would be a viable option for the Yankees, because both his defense and his bat are among the best in baseball. Big leagues.

Even multiple sources have indicated that the Yankees would be able to shell out up to $ 300 million for Correa.

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Brian Cashman confirms that the Yankees are going for Carlos Correa