Boras: Braves title is the result of ‘tanking’ in MLB

CARLSBAD, California USA – Major League Baseball’s most influential agent points out that the sport was the victim of a “competitive cancer” caused by teams breaking away from veteran players to rack up draft picks.

Scott Boras even considered that the Atlanta Braves title was the result of other teams having preferred to dismantle themselves towards the end of the season, remaining adrift.

Boras spoke at the major league managers ‘meeting, and endorsed the players’ union’s demands to make changes to the collective bargaining agreement, which expires on Dec. 1. The sport is under threat of a strike, which would be the ninth in history, but the first job closure since 1995.

“This is like an Easter bunny delivering rotten eggs,” Boras said at a restaurant at the La Costa Resort & Spa.

“Every team says ‘I need to do this because it’s my only option, knowing that I can’t reach the top of the division, I can’t get into the playoffs.’

Atlanta was 51-53 when it got Eddie Rosario, Adam duvall and Jorge Soler along with the reliever Richard Rodriguez in four moves near the closing date for trade closings in the majors, July 30. In addition, the Braves added Joc Pederson from the Cubs, a team that was in a tailspin, on July 15.

“We have seen the championship in 60 days,” said Boras. “The rules allow them to be teams that go below .500 on August 1 and acquire four or five players from teams that no longer want to compete, and at a low cost to change their entire team and the course of the season.

“And we saw that this happened to the detriment of teams that spent considerable spending on planning and intellect and that won more than 100 games in the season. By doing this, we have created an understanding in the fans, who do not really know which team is. due until after the trade deadline, honestly. “

Puerto Rican Rosario was the MVP of the National League Championship Series and Cuban Soler earned that distinction in the World Series, which was the Braves’ first title since 1995.

“The Atlanta Braves are the Atlanta Braves because the teams that gave up said, ‘I want to hit rock bottom to get draft picks,” Boras said.

The order of the draft is the reverse of the final position and the teams’ record.


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Boras: Braves title is the result of ‘tanking’ in MLB