Boone Higashioka will call Cole and Gary will be bench bat

Aaron Boone the manager of the New York Yankees said that Kyle Higashioka you will quecha to Gerrit cole tomorrow Tuesday October 5, 2021, in the wild card game and Gary Sánchez probably will be a bat from the bench against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park at the start of the 2021 postseason. Big leagues.

Kyle yes, Gary no

Aaron Boone said Kyle Higashioka will catch Gerrit Cole tomorrow and Gary Sanchez will probably “be a bat off the bench.”

Opinion on the wild card format for a Yankees-Red Sox game

Aaron Boone was asked for his opinion on the wild card format for a Yankees-Red Sox game. “It’s probably not perfect this way, but you also live to be in these kinds of competitive environments with a lot at stake.”

Gio Urshela

Aaron Boone said Gio Urshela hurt his thigh when he made his running catch in the dugout yesterday.

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Hope it’s okay. “I was expecting … an accident … I was really very nervous.”