Best Players by Position in Boston History

We did a search for the best players the Boston Red Sox organization has come up with by position.

Catcher: Carlton Fisk

In his eleven seasons with the Red Sox (1969,1971-1980) the Hall of Famer in 2,860 at-bats gave 162 home runs, 1,097 hits and a .284 / .356 / .481 average, an OPS of. 837, with an OPS + of 126 and an average number of balls in play of .298.

Honorable mention: Jason Varitek.

First Base: Jimmy Foxx

Hands down the best in Boston history. Although it lasted only seven seasons (1936-1942) it has earned the position. Foxx in 3,288 at-bats gave 222 home runs, 1,051 hits, averaging .320 / .429 / .605, with an OPS of 1.034, an OPS + of 154 and an average of balls in play of .332. He also participated in six All-Star games for Boston and was MVP in 1938.

Honorable mention: Mo Vaughn and Kevin Youkilis.

Second Base: Dustin Pedroia

He has been one of the best in the Red Sox organization. Pedroia in 14 seasons (2006-2019) in 6031 at-bats gave 140 homers, 1805 hits, an average of .299 / .365 / .439, with an OPS + of .804, an OPS + of 113 and an average of balls in game at .314. Pedroia in his career was Rookie of the Year (2007), 4 times to the All-Star Game, 4 times Golden Glove, MVP in 2008 and two times World Series Champion (2007 and 2013).

Honorable mention: Bobby Doerr.

Shortstop (SS): Nomar Garciaparra

Garciaparra was one of the best right-handed hitters that passed in that organization. In nine seasons with Boston in 3,968 at-bats, he gave 178 home runs, 1,281 hits, averages of .323 / .370 / .553, accumulating an impressive .923 OPS, with a .321 average number of balls in play. An important fact is that he had the highest batting average in his career in 2000 with .372, in addition to being rookie of the year in 1997.

Honorable Mentions: Joe Cronin and Xander Bogaerts.

Third Base: Wade Boggs

The current HOF member has been one of the best offenses in Boston’s history. Boggs in eleven seasons (1982-1992) in 6213 at-bats gave 85 homers, 2,098 hits, averages of .338 / .428 / .462, with an OPS of .890, an OPS + of 142, an average of balls in game of .352 and a cumulative aggregate winning probability (WPA) of 34.7. During his Boston career he went eight times to the All-Star Game and six times a silver bat.

Honorable mentions: Jimmy Collins and Rafael Devers.

Right Field (RF): Dwight Evans

He has been one of the best gardeners the organization has historically had. In his 19 seasons (1972-1990) in charge of Boston in 8,726 at-bats with 379 home runs, 2,373 hits, averages of .272 / .369 / .473, an OPS of .842, an OPS + of 127, an average of balls in play of .294 and a cumulative WPA of 34.4. During that stage he won eight gold gloves, two silver bats and three times to the all-star game.

Honorable Mentions: Mookie Betts, Jackie Jensen and Trot Nixon.

Central Garden (CF): Tris Speaker

He was an impressive player in his time. In his nine seasons with Boston (1907-1915) in 3,935 at-bats with 39 home runs, 1,327 hits, averages of .337 / .414 / .482, an accumulated OPS of .896, with an OPS + of 166 and a .352 average number of balls in play. During his participations he was most valuable player in 1912 and twice champion with Boston (1912 and 1915).

Honorable Mention: Fred Lynn.

Left Field (LF): Ted Williams… Who else would it be?

Hands down the best in the organization, with an impressive fangraph WAR of 130.4, the highest for a Boston player.

Honorable mentions: Carl Yastrzkemski, Jim Rice and Manny Ramírez.

Designated Hitter (DH): David Ortiz

Undoubtedly the most iconic figure in the city of Boston and who was a great leader in his team. The Dominican in his 7163 at-bats gave 483 homers, 2,079 hits, an average of .290 / .386 / .570, with an OPS of .956, an OPS + of 148, a BABIP of .299 and a cumulative WPA of 49.5. During his career in Boston he gave 54 home runs in 2006, three times champion of the world series (2004, 2007 and 2013), most valuable player in the 2013 world series, and of the ALCS in 2004 and adding that he has participated in ten games. star, home run derby champion (2010) and seven-time silver bat winner.

Honorable mentions: JD Martínez and Reggie Jefferson.

Starting Pitcher: Pedro Martínez

The best pitcher the team has ever had in the entire history of the organization. The native of Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo, RD in his career in 1,383 innings, had a record of 117-37, an ERA of 2.52, with an impressive WHIP of 0.98, 1,683 strikeouts, an adjusted earned run average (ERA +) of 190 , an independent pitching of 2.45 and dominance against opposition hitters with averages of .206 / .261 / .317 and an OPS of .578. The HOF member was twice cy young (1999 and 2000) and was a key player in the Boston championship in 2004.

Honorable Mentions: Roger Clements, CY Young and Chris Sale.

Reliever: Jonathan Papelbon

Papelbon in his first seven seasons (2006-2011) were with Boston, being one of the best relievers in history. In 429.1 innings, with a 23-19 record with 219 saves, a 2.33 ERA, a batting average against just .204, with an average of 4.43 strikeouts for each walk he has given.

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Best Players by Position in Boston History