Best addition in the campaign, by team

Remember the excitement of seeing your team’s roster for Opening Day? Who was going to have the best season? Who would lead your club to the playoffs? Opening Day rosters are special… but they are, at the end of the day, fleeting. Several of the biggest players on your team weren’t there when the campaign started. Perhaps the most important.

With that in mind, we take a look at the most important player right now on every roster who was not in the organization on Opening Day. Maybe they were pound agents. Maybe they were on another team. We’re not counting names that started the year on the disabled list, by the way, so apologies to Chris Sale.

Blue Jays: José Berríos, RHP

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Twins

His big mid-year acquisition was precisely what this team needed, but the question for the Blue Jays now is whether it will be enough. At least, the Puerto Rican will be under contractural control of the club until 2022, something important considering that Toronto handed over two tremendous prospects (outfielder Austin Martin and pitcher Simeon Woods-Richardson) to obtain it.

Orioles: Jorge Mateo, INF / OF

Joined the team: August 5, via waivers from Parents

The Orioles don’t really plan to add many players right now, but Mateo has been one of their best hitters since arriving from San Diego. (Although it is not a very high bar, of course).

Joined the team: July 22, in a trade with the Twins

If this continues, it will be an absolute pleasure to see Cruz hitting home runs in October.

Red Sox: Kyle Schwarber, OF / 1B / BD

Joined the team: July 29, in a trade with the Nationals

He had a little bump in his early days in Boston, but we’ve all seen what happens when it turns on.

Yankees: Joey Gallo, OF / BD

Joined the team: July 29, in a trade with the Rangers

Gallo is a fit for the Yankees so well that it’s striking that it took so long for him to make it to the Bronx.

Joined the team: July 6, as a free agent after being released by the Tigers

Cleveland needed another receiver and Venezuelan Ramos, at this point in his career, is one of those players you can bet on.

Royals: Domingo Tapia, RHP

Joined the team: May 22, buying his contract from the Mariners

The Royals bought their contract from the Mariners in May and since then, the Dominican has been an effective piece in the bullpen (3.07 ERA).

Tigers: Dustin Garneau, C

Joined the team: August 18, buying his contract from the Rockies

This is a rebuilding team, so no major acquisitions were expected this year. What will be in the news is which players will appear for the first time on the Opening Day roster for the incoming campaign.

Twins: Kyle Barraclough, RHP

Joined the team: June 20, as a free agent after being released by the Yankees

More important than who is new to the Twins’ roster right now are all the players who started the year at the club and are now elsewhere, starting with Berríos and Cruz. What a tough season this has been for Minnesota.

White Sox: Craig Kimbrel, RHP

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Cubs

Remember when there were people saying that the arrival of Kimbrel would be terrible for the White Sox? This outfit could inspire fear in October.

Angels: Sam Selman, LZ

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Giants

That the Angels haven’t added anyone else to their Opening Day roster says a lot about how bad things have turned out… and how Shohei Ohtani’s great season hasn’t been enough.

Astros: Kendall Graveman, RHP

Joined the team: July 27, in a deal with the Mariners

In a masterful move, they not only landed Graveman, but demoralized one of their division rivals, the Mariners, by adding him to their ranks.

Athletics: Starling Marte, CF

Joined the team: July 28, in a trade with the Marlins

If the Athletics are able to make the playoffs, Marte will be one of the biggest reasons. He is currently third in stolen bases in the National League and seventh in the American League, even though he’s only a month old in Oakland.

Sailors: Abraham Toro, INF

Joined the team: July 27, in a trade with the Astros

Of course, the Mariners are not complaining much about that same change, as Venezuela’s Toro is succeeding now that he is finally playing regularly.

Rangers: Spencer Howard, RHP

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Phillies

One of the pieces that came from Philadelphia in the Kyle Gibson trade, Howard has started some games and although he has not done very well, at least it is something.

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Marlins

It actually seems like the first time Duvall hasn’t been on the Braves’ Opening Day roster in quite some time, but perhaps he’s never been more important to the team.

Marlins: Jesús Luzardo, LZ

Joined the team: July 28, in a deal with the Athletics

This is exactly the kind of change you want to see the Marlins making right now. While the Venezuelan-Peruvian hasn’t been much better for Miami than he was for the Athletics, the key to everything for Miami is his potential.

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Cubs

The Puerto Rican has already had some of his classic moments with the Mets, but he has also spent time on the disabled list and it is very possible that in a few years it will be difficult for us to remember that Baez – who will be a free agent at the end of the season – played some time with the Mets. (Unless they sign it, of course).

Nationals: Alcides Escobar, 2B

Joined the team: July 3, buying his contract from the Royals

Having Venezuelan Escobar back in the majors batting second in the Nationals is a nice story, but also a sign that it is a year of transition for the capital.

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Rangers

The Phillies probably needed more than Gibson, but it’s appreciated what he’s done either way.

Brewers: Willy Adames, SS

Joined the team: May 21, in a trade with the Rays

There will almost certainly not be an addition in the middle of the season as decisive as the Dominican this year. Is he the reason why they escaped at the Central de la Nacional?

Cardinals: JA Happ, LZ

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Twins

The Cardinals got two very old pitchers before the deadline to make trades. Happ has been the better of the two between him and Jon Lester.

Cubs: Frank Schwindel, 1B

Joined the team: July 18, claimed on A’s waivers

First baseman, claimed on waivers, is the best example of those players who you had no idea had made it to the Cubs.

Joined the team: May 9, claimed on Indian waivers

Gamel is precisely the type of veteran that you will see in these days in the Pirates … and probably for several more years.

Joined the team: July 28, in a trade with the Yankees

The Reds are going to accept as much help as possible for their bullpen and the Mexican has been a great piece.

D-backs: Noé Ramírez, RHP

Joined the team: May 22, signed as a free agent

Of all the infill relievers the D-backs added, Ramirez has been the best of all.

Dodgers: Max Scherzer, RHP

Joined Team: 30 July, in a trade with the Nationals

Let’s see, which future Hall of Fame member will we elect?

Giants: Kris Bryant, OF / 3B

Joined the team: July 30, in a trade with the Cubs

The Giants may not sign him this offseason. But it fits perfectly in San Francisco.

Joined the team: July 26, in a trade with the Pirates

It always seemed like the Padres were taking a risk with Frazier, who hasn’t hit since coming to San Diego.

Rockies: Brendan Rodgers, SS

Joined the team: Activated from the disabled list on May 21

The Rockies haven’t brought in anyone from outside the organization this year, but they activated Rodgers from IL on May 21 after the infielder missed the first seven weeks while recovering from a hamstring injury. He has an .818 OPS and is finally looking like the player the Rockies hoped for when they selected him as the third overall pick in the 2015 Draft.