Bauer, your court case takes an unexpected turn in your favor

A Los Angeles judge sided with Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and denied a five-year restraining order requested by a woman who said he suffocated her unconscious and repeatedly beat her during two sexual encounters.

Denying the domestic violence civil restraining order after a four-day hearing, Judge DiannaGould-Saltman said that, according to testimony from the 27-year-old San Diego woman, Bauer respected her limits when she set them. And she said that Bauer could not know the limits that she did not express to him.

Dark details that give Bauer pause in his case

Pitcher Trevor Bauer continues on “AdministrativeLeave” by MLB. Photo: GettyImages

“We consider in a sexual encounter that when a woman says no, she must be believed,” said Gould-Saltman, “so what should we do when she says yes?” The woman’s attorney, Lisa Helfend Meyer, said in her closing arguments that Bauer was a “monster” that far exceeded what the woman consented, especially by hitting her on the face and vagina and leaving her severe bruises that were captured in photographs.

Bauer also did things the woman could not consent to because she was drowned unconscious, including, according to her testimony, having anal sex with her while she was away, Meyer said.

Some photos of the woman’s injuries are leaked

One of the photos of the Trevor Bauer victim’s injuries. Photo: Screenshot.

“Let me be clear, the injuries shown in the photographs are terrible,” said the judge, who issued her decision about five minutes after closing arguments were completed. However, she added, in her communications with Bauer, the woman “was not ambiguous about wanting rough sex in the parties’ first encounter and wanting rougher sex in the second encounter.”

Bauer did not have a visible reaction in cogo to the decision.

It is considered a partial victory for Bauer for clearing his name

The pitcher has his future in doubt with the Dodgers and in baseball in general. Photo: AP

It was a victory for the pitcher in his public fight to clear his name, but serious obstacles remain, including a criminal investigation by police party in Pasadena, California, and an investigation by Major League Baseball.

“The allegations made against Trevor Bauer continue to be investigated by the Department of Investigations (DOI) of MLB under our Joint Domestic Violence Policy, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse, ”the league said in a statement after the decision. “We will comment further at the appropriate time.”