Baseball no longer sells in the United States. End of an era in national sports?

Baseball no longer sells in the United States. End of an era in national sports?

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It was the sport of choice in America for more than a century, but now baseball is undergoing a serious popularity crisis. From game to fervent tradition, this once emblem of the American way of life fails to connect with the youngest and is forced to reinvent itself to survive.

In the Big Four of American sports, baseball prevailed over basketball, American football, and ice hockey. This game, with roots in a large part of the population, has reflected the political and social changes of the country for two centuries. The bat, the glove or the cap are in the most characteristic images of the nation. The most fanatics follow him as if it were a religion and his players are treated like movie stars. Still, baseball has been undergoing a popularity crisis for some years now and seems to be living at the end of an era in the United States.

The final phase of the 2020 season brought together nearly 9.7 million viewers in front of the television, the worst figure in the recent history of the American professional league, Major League Baseball (MLB). Added to this is the decline in attendance at stadiums in recent years, with an average capacity of 66%. Baseball is failing to attract new fans, and worse still, it is losing followers every season. The bad times were aggravated by the coronavirus crisis, which last year left losses of 3 billion dollars. The debate around the best baseball in the world is open, but …

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