Barry Bonds sent an emotional message to Miguel Cabrera (Video)

The king of home runs in the Major Leagues Barry bonds I send you an emotional message to the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera on the MLB.

Former big league Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds, who is the top home runner in MLB history with 762 homers, sent Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera an emotional congratulatory message on the occasion to his celebration of entering the 500 home run club in the majors.

In effect, he begins his message with a greeting and congratulations for Miggy to the 500 home run club in the Big Top, mentioning Barry who spoke with his father in 2003 or 2004 about the conditions of the then young but talented Venezuelan player, which were special what the Creole has reaffirmed with his great career, so he welcomes him to the 500 home run club.


Venezuelan baseball player Miguel Cabrera has been the object of tributes, congratulations, but this one from Barry Bonds has great significance, because he is the highest homerunner in history in the Major Leagues.

Cabrera has just entered the 500 home run club and Bonds, who finished with 762 home runs, talks about how the Creole’s career has impressed him.

I remember that in the first year of Miguel’s career in 2003, the Cabrera Marlins vs the Bonds Giants (winners of 100 games) were measured by Felipe Rojas Alou, in the Divisional Series, where obviously the favorites were the guys from Barry Bonds and company.

The Giants prevailed in the first game, but the Marlins could even the series, so they went to Florida 1-1 and the home team in a stadium to burst, eliminated in an incredible way the favorite Giants.

Miguel was on that team and although his offensive contribution was not vital in that first series, it is evident that he was part of the irreverence of some fish, which led him to win the World Series.

It could have been that event that was marked by Bonds, but from there the Creole’s career continued and we have seen his words of admiration for the boy from La Pedrera.

Author: Carlos Quijada

Twitter and Instagram: @abogado_quijada