Aroldis Chapman is doing what fans wanted so much

The player of the Yankees from New York, Aroldis chapman is doing what many of his fans longed for him in the MLB.

Many fans of Aroldis chapman They asked that he use his powerful fastball more than the other pitches, since he has a great and fast speed at which it is difficult to make contact.

Other fans of Aroldis chapman They realized that he wasn’t throwing many strikes, and that there was possibly a flaw in his pitching mechanics, after getting his 300th save in the majors, he broke the silence.

Aroldis chapman He admitted that he corrected some things with the bullpen coach, who told him that he was wrong and that he had to improve. If you want new results, you must do different things.

“I felt good. I worked some adjustments with the bullpen coach. They were things in my mechanics. I came out with the goal of throwing a lot straighter than the other pitches and that’s what I did, โ€said Chapman.

In addition, he changed his posture on the hill.

Here the data:

Last Thursday night the southpaw Aroldis chapman reached 300 games saved in the big leagues against the Minnesota Twins team.