Are the Marlins interested in Odubel Herrera for 2022?

It is interesting to know if the Miami Marlins are interested in Odubel Herrera for the 2022 season in MLB.

According to journalist Joe Frisaro, the Miami Marlins offered a series of statements, where they would have made known what their plans are for the next season in 2022.

The fish would be intent on looking for power hitters in the free agency market and getting valuable players through trades.

In their message they would have said that they expect something big for Castellanos, but they are also looking for guys from Odubel Herrera in smaller offers.

The question may then arise whether the Marlins are directly interested in Venezuelan outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies Odubel Herrera.

It must be remembered that the Creole has a pending contract with the Phillies, but if the Marlins are interested, they can negotiate part of his contract and everything will depend on the players who are going to ask the fish in return.

Odubel is a great outfield player and while it is true that he must improve his batting average, it is no less true that how the first, second, seventh or eighth bat can be very helpful in a line up that the fish can build. .

If we did not touch any Venezuelan in the possible operation in which Herrera arrives at the club, we would have a club with Miguel Rojas, Jesús Aguilar, Jesús Luzardo, Pablo López, Sandy León and now with Odubel Herrera.

According to the information provided by the chronicler Joe Frisaro, Odubel would be a kind of economic player, but a fighter, so that possible proposal of the fish to the Quakers will be interesting for the 2022 harvest.

Author: Carlos Quijada

Twitter and Instagram: @abogado_quijada