ANSWERED Cuban player who RETURNED: “It’s a lie, I never tried to stay”

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Just a few hours ago, on our page of Full swing, we published a note about the information that the renowned sports journalists Francys romero and Yordano Carmona (Pelota Cubana) announced on their respective social networks about the case of the Avilanian player Yuddiel González, who would have tried to escape from the Cuba team in the U23 World Cup, but who returned to the hotel after a possible regret.

Both Francys and Carmona assured that on September 29, almost at the stroke of midnight, Miami time, this event occurred at the headquarters of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora state, Mexico and that it was not informed by the Cuban baseball authorities. . In addition, both explained that, although they knew about the event, they agreed not to disclose it to protect the public image of the athlete.

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However, after a few statements made by Yuddiel to the radio station Radio Rebelde, both journalists decided to make the event public, a situation that, obviously, was not to the liking of the athlete, who decided to respond to the statements of Francys and Carmona, through a publication on the Facebook page Avileños Tigers.

According to the aforementioned publication, Yuddiel was very indignant with the situation and contacted the administrators of the page to “respond to those false rumors.”

“Clarifying what Mr. Francys Romero says, telling him that it is a lie, I never tried to stay,” said the player. «I had many possibilities and I did not do it, one because I love my family very much and another because I feel very confident that I can perform in Baseball and they will make me a contract for the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB), it is my goal and I’ll keep going until I get it, “he added.

“Each person has their own decision and I would like everyone to respect mine, I have already explained why I came back and I will never stay. I think they are judging me unfairly because in the interview I speak about myself, what happened to me, not about any of my colleagues, “said Yuddiel on the subject.

«They made another decision and I respect them, but these things that do not tell the truth make one feel very bad. I live for baseball. I do not want these topics that are false to harm me. May only God take care of that person, because first of all you have to be a man. Greetings, “he concluded.

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Once again, we leave the comments and opinions you may have on these words of Yuddiel at your discretion, reader friends, at the same time that we remain pending the responses of Francys and Carmona in this regard, who have always been very precise in their information and, in fact, they were the first to announce almost all the dropouts of players to the Cuba team in this U23 World Cup.