And if the MLB returns to raise replacement players strike 94-95

Replacement players strike (stoppage) 94-95

To remember the issue of replacement players during the strike (stoppage) of LMB 94-95, I consulted with colleagues from the Universitas International Baseball Law Seminar, and the lawyer Israel Chaparro recalled this about it:

(Anyone who did not have a job at the time, but had an American visa and had played Major League se proposed for it… Mariano Duncan, who had already ceased to be a star in the Major Leagues, proposed to play as a replacement in the strike. They even showed up to training. I clearly remember Raúl Pérez Tovar among Venezuelans. The problem was that these players were later banned by the MLBPA because that attitude was considered sabotaging the event of the strike itself. As indeed in the end they were branded).

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-Juan Francisco Puello Herrera (Dominican Republic)
-Ramon Guillermo Aveledo (Venezuela)
-Rafael Chavero (Venezuela)
-Javier Aviles (Mexico)
-Felix Luzon (Venezuela)
-Nick Holmes (USA)
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-Jose Rivas (Venezuela)
-Paola Christofini (Venezuela)

◾Baseball in the Caribbean – Structure
◾Caribbean Federations and Leagues
◾Entry of Latino Players in Major League Baseball (MLB)
◾Contracts in baseball
◾Conflicts in Latin American Baseball and where to resolve them

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And if the MLB returns to raise replacement players strike 94-95