ALREADY DEBUTED one of the “DESERTORES” of Cuba Sub 23 in MEXICAN lands

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

For many it was something expected, for others, it was surprising that half of a team decided not to return to the island after a sporting event, but the truth is that in recent days several of the 12 “deserter” players have been news. of the last U23 World Cup and today it was known, through the news media “Cubalite“That the Camagüey Loidel Chapellí Jr. He is already playing baseball in Mexico and that has not gone bad at all.

Let’s remember that Loidel, along with Yandy Yanes, were the only two “defectors” who played the entire tournament and in the case of Chapellí Jr. he had a very outstanding job, compiling eight hits, two of them extra-base hits, ten runs produced in 9 crashes. (6 scored and 4 trailers), average of 320 and spectacular OBP of 420, boosted by 4 tickets received.

After his escape, there has not been much news of the son of the former star first baseman of the Toros de la Llanura, but what is known is that he remains in Aztec lands and according to sources. Cubalite he keeps playing baseball, having recently debuted in a low-key tournament in Mexico.

The 19-year-old gardener is part of the set of the Oxkutzcab Naranjeros, in a circuit called “Yucatecan State League”And that is made up of 14 casts. The team from Camagüey is located in the Central-South Zone of this winter tournament, which began on September 26.

On Sunday, October 10, Chapellí Jr. made his debut and did so by lining up the team’s first at-bat in an impeccable manner, connecting three hits in his team’s 9 × 0 victory against the Tábanos de Tecoh at the Julio Matos stadium.

As reported by Cubalite: “In the opening inning he opened with a single and scored; then, in the fourth inning, he scored another hit and drove in a run, while in the eighth inning he produced a triple and then came his second run of the challenge.

In the team of Agramontino there are other Cubans who saw action in our National Series, such are the cases of Kuglay González, from the capital who was part of the payrolls of Industriales y los Metros, and Ramón Lunar, a man from Villa Clara highly remembered by the Cuban fans.

Loidel Chapellí had a short but fruitful National Series career, winning the Series 59 Rookie of the Year award in 2020 and leaving an offensive line in two seasons of (305/419/434/853) (AVE / OBP / SLG / OPS), even demonstrating his quality in the 2020 postseason when he hit 333, with three runs scored and OBP of 412 in the subtitle reached by the Camagüey cast.

The Cuban outfielder, who is not yet 20 years old, was part of several national teams of lower categories, such as the 2016 U15 World Cup, the 2018 U18 and last sub 23. He also had a brief participation in the Mexican Baseball League with the Campeche Pirates, where he went 7-1 with three strikeouts.

With information taken from Cubalite