All-Stars who could be traded in July

All Stars who could be traded in July

Tuesday’s All-Star Game not only allowed us the opportunity to see some of the biggest stars of the moment on the same field. It also served, in a way, as a preview of the deadline for making changes.

The All-Star rosters included a number of players who are expected to spur trade talks over the next several weeks.

So with that in mind, we left you with the All-Star players with the highest chance of being traded before the July 30 deadline.

Kris Bryant, 1B / 3B / OF, Cubs
After dropping an OPS of .445 in June, Bryant picked up production again this month, but the Cubs still haven’t improved and are expected to be sellers. Bryant, an imminent free agent who will be seeking a mega contract this offseason, is one of the most obvious candidates for the club.

The 29-year-old didn’t have a great showing in the All-Star Game, striking out with two on base and two outs in the bottom of the sixth and missing a line to left field with the bases loaded in the second half of the eighth, but that It should not affect its market value. The 2016 NL MVP is a natural third baseman, but he has increased his versatility this year, which means he could fit into teams that already have the hot corner covered.

Nelson Cruz, BD, Twins
Dominican Cruz’s market will be limited to a handful of teams, as the slugger cannot play a defensive position, and because most American League teams already have a designated hitter every day or are not in race. But Cruz remains a slugger to be feared despite his 41 years and is having a great time at bat.

The veteran slugger is hitting .351 / .439 / .622 with eight home runs, 21 RBIs, 18 walks and 19 strikeouts in 133 trips to the plate since early June. Minnesota is 15 games behind the lead in the LA Central, so Cruz (who will be a free agent at the end of the season) will likely be available.

Eduardo Escobar, 2B / 3B, D-backs
Escobar, a first-time All-Star this year, doesn’t hit base very often (lifetime OBP of .308), but he has power from both sides of the plate. Since the 2017 season began, he has hit 103 home runs, including 20 this year. Escobar is also a solid defender in multiple positions, with 3 Above Average Outs at second base and 2 OAA at third this season.

In the final season of his three-year, $ 21 million deal with the D-backs, who have the worst record in the majors, the 32-year-old will likely be playing for another team in the coming weeks.

Adam Frazier, 2B, Pirates
Frazier is under team control through 2022, so the Pirates could keep him, but it may be best for the organization to move him now that his value is at an all-time high. Pittsburgh is beginning what could be a long rebuilding and Frazier will turn 30 in December.

Frazier started the game, the first of his career, as second baseman in the NL thanks to fan voting. He hit .330, with an OBP of .397 and 115 hits – a MLB leader – in the first half, although he hit just four home runs.

Joey Gallo, OF, Rangers
Few hitters made it to the All-Star Game better than Gallo. The left-handed slugger hit 13 home runs with a 1,542 OPS in his last 18 first-half games, turning what seemed like another disappointing season into a trip to the All-Star Game. Gallo not only has 24 home runs this season, but he also leads the Big Top with 72 walks.

Gallo is 27 and won’t be a free agent until after the 2022 season, so it will take a very good package for the Rangers to part with him.

Kyle Gibson, RHP, Rangers
Signed for three years and $ 28 million until the end of the 2022 campaign, Gibson also has another year of control, like Gallo, but is much more likely to be traded. The law is 33 years old, after all, and its value will surely never be as high as it is now. Given the limited number of options in the starting market, there should be a lot of interest in the veteran, whose 2.29 ERA would be the best of his career if he finished the season right now.

Craig Kimbrel, RHP, Cubs
Kimbrel has been unbeatable since September 2020, with a 0.64 ERA and a 67 strikeout-to-10 walk ratio in 39 innings.

The right-handed veteran has a $ 16 million team option for 2022, which would be automatic if he finishes 110 games between 2020 and 2021, including at least 55 in 2021, and also passes medical exams. If the team decides not to exercise it, it will have to give him a compensation of US $ 1 million, which could attract the attention of many teams. That said, with the form it’s launching, $ 16 million seems like a very reasonable amount.