Alfonso Urquiola: “I haven’t been to Cuba for almost a year, but I’m on the lookout”

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Just a few days ago, the experienced Cuban manager, Alfonso Urquiola, he was crowned champion of the National Major Baseball Championship, Hot Cup of Panama with his team of the Federals of Chiriquí, thus adding the third personal title as director in said contest of the canal ball.

Chiriquí defeated their rivals from Panama Metro 4-2 in a final series of the best of seven games, in which Urquiola’s team, under his wise leadership, reached 16 crowns in the event, despite not being among the favorites. in the current season.

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«I am very happy, this has no comparison. It is one more championship that adds to the trophy showcase, “Urquiola told Panamanian television just after concluding the final match, in which his team won 11-3.

«I am extremely proud of this result and if it is with Chiriquí much better, because I already have Chiriquí as if it were Cuba or even above. I’ve been working here for a long time and I dedicate it with all my heart to the entire province of Chirica »added the manager.

Urquiola could not lead the Federals team in the 2020 season as he had to return to Cuba due to the pandemic, although he did intervene in almost the entire preparation process of the team. However, this year, he was able to guide his people to the championship.

«Very few favored the team. Many even thought that we would be eliminated in the first round. In fact, we could not get reinforcements, we also competed with only eight pitchers, “said Urquiola.

«We just know everything that happened in this championship. We had several injuries from the beginning, but when you work collectively and the dynamics work, things work out well. Here all the players were given a chance (…) and it was seen how even first-year players did the job when the veterans got injured. We did have a clear objective from the beginning and that is how we fulfilled it, “said the seasoned director.

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Equally, according to a posted note by journalist Ernesto Amaya Esquivel on the Guerrillero newspaper website, Urquiola also dedicated his triumph in Panama to his native Pinar del Río, while highlighting his role as head of the team.

«My victories, wherever I am, are always for my people. I love Pinar del Río and my people, I dedicate all my triumphs to them. For almost a year I have not been going to Cuba, but I am on the lookout and I am glad that they are coming out of the pandemic, they will soon be back to normal. I wish you good health and luck, “said Urquiola.

«The triumphs are accompanied by many details. To lead in any sphere of life you must have knowledge. A principal is a pedagogue, a teacher, and a parent. The results in baseball are obtained from the first day of preparation, and games and championships are won from the meeting, “he added.

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As Amaya Esquivel wrote in the aforementioned note, “despite the distance, Urquiola is aware of the preparation of the Vegueros and ensures that when he returns to the country he will help in whatever is necessary”

“I always help, I can’t be without the ball. Every time I get to Pinar I rest one day and the next I’m in the stadium. As long as I am healthy, you can count on me ”, concluded Alfonso Urquiola.

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Alfonso Urquiola: “I haven’t been to Cuba for almost a year, but I’m on the lookout”