Alexeis Bell: “Don’t let your career be cut short, by anything or anyone”

By Gian Franco Gil / @Gian_Gil98

alexis bellone of the best hitters who went through the National Series of Cuban baseball in the first 15 years of this century, left an important message on his official Instagram account to the players who start their career in the sport of balls and strikes .

In his publication, the native of Santiago de Cuba began by recalling what happened between 2009 and 2010, when a decision by Higinio Vélez separated him from the national team participating in the II World Baseball Classic, dominated by Japan, for the second consecutive edition. .

«Year 2010, after they left me out of the Cuba team in 2009, this was the response to Higinio Vélez and his clique. All Stars in the Intercontinental Cup in Chinese Taipei”, affirmed the “Tato Bell”.

With that phrase the indomitable began his advice. Meanwhile, some allegorical videos of that championship could be seen. In one of them he received recognition for being among the best batsmen in the tournament. And two others related to big hits during the competition.

“For young figures: don’t let your career be cut short, by anything or anyone,” explained the former gardener of the Wasps of Santiago de Cuba. Bell used her personal experience to try to prevent other boys, on the rise, from giving up their dream because of an injustice. In his argument, the star hitter states that the main thing is to demonstrate quality on the field.

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In the event, Alexeis Bell hit 11 hits in 25 official visits to the batting cage, valid to enter the select group of five Cubans who made up the Ideal Team of the championship, with an offensive average of .440. Along with Alexeis, Héctor Olivera, Yulieski Gurriel, Giorvis Duvergel and Yadier Pedroso were selected.

During the Asian circuit, “Tato” coincided with some outfielders who made the grade for the World Cup event. They were the Granma patrolmen, Alfredo Despaigne and Yoenis Céspedes. Despaigne, with fewer official shifts, achieved a higher average than Santiago (.474), product of nine undisputed in 19 opportunities. For his part, the former Major League player, Céspedes, was far from the elite, with three hits in 10 at-bats, for a discreet .300.

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Alexeis Bell: “Don’t let your career be cut short, by anything or anyone”