Alexa Bliss makes first pitch in MLB game

Alexa Bliss makes first pitch in MLB game

Alexa Bliss is on the lips of the entire WWE Universe right now, for better and for worse, as it always is, on the other hand. First, because everyone wants to know what his next step as a Superstar is going to be. Especially considering that, recently, Nikki ASH, the current Raw Champion, said they still have a lot to do together. And no one would be surprised if the demoniac wanted the women’s title once again. Second because recently too his friend Bray Wyatt was fired Y she was the first to share her opinion. A dismissal that also caused, third, that many are talking about the fighter to accuse her of having taken part in that decision by “stealing” the character of the wrestler.

► Alexa Bliss appears in Major League Baseball

Let’s put aside the nonsense that she was minimally responsible for the departure of the also demonized and even momentarily left the Luchistic company to talk about the recent appearance of Alexa Bliss in a Major League Baseball game that pitted the Chicago White Sox against the Cleveland Indians. She went as a fan with her fiancé, singer Ryan Cabrera, but also went down to the playing field to take some photos and make the initial launch, as we see below:

The pair brought luck to the Chicago White Sox as beat the Cleveland Indians 2-1. Although it was certainly batter Brian Goodwin who gave his team the victory when he hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning of the game that ended it in spectacular fashion to the delight of the fans. Now we will see if Alexa Bliss is also lucky – or makes it herself – in her next steps as WWE Superstar. By the way, Nikki ASH not only warned once:

Nikki ASH: “Alexa Bliss could be my Joker”