Alcides Escobar signs new contract with Nationals

The Venezuelan Alcides Escobar, will stay for the 2022 season at Major League Baseball – MLB, this after the firm of an extension of contract with the team of Washington Nationals

According to information from Jesse Dougherty, the Nationals and Venezuelan Alcides Escobar have agreed to sign a new one-year, $ 1 million contract, so the shortstop will continue with the organization with which he returned to the Major Leagues this season. 2021, after having two years without stepping on a pitch in the best baseball in the world.

With work, numbers and a lot of discipline, Escobar won a new contract that will allow him to continue in the MLB, being a player who in the time he played in 2021 with the Nationals contributed greatly and showed that despite his two-year absence, he’s more current than ever and can play Big Top baseball every day.

Here the report:

The Venezuelan earned his place in the Nationals team after the departure of Trea Turner and for that reason they have decided to keep it for the next season, being a one-year agreement, as he signed at the beginning of the year with this team when he returned. to MLB.

How did it go with the Nats?

Escobar, 34, hit .288 with 21 doubles, two triples, four home runs, 28 RBIs, 17 walks, 52 runs scored and three stolen bases in 75 games for the Nationals, leaving an OPS of .744 and an SLG of .404.

“El de La Sabana” proved this year to have a very productive bat, having a hitting streak of 18 games. In addition, he made it clear to us why he has a Golden Glove in the MLB, since he showed us several quality defensive plays.