A total of 7 Cubans leave baseball team in Mexico … so far

It is about the left-handed pitcher of the Isle of Youth Yeiniel Zayas. A left-handed pitcher who saw relief action in Cuba’s debut against Mexico and retired via strikes to two of the three rivals he faced.


Zayas he’s a southpaw who has posted 90 MPH shipments on his fastball. His profile is more of a relief pitcher and in the last season with the Pirates of the Isle of Youth he saw action in 21 games where he won one and lost two, where he saved a total of seven games.

With this loss, the team’s initial roster Cuban He was left with 17 members, where only 7 are pitchers. The pine tree joins the spirits Luis Dany Morales, Diasmany Palacios and Loidel Rodriguez, to the people of Pinar del Río Dariel Fernández and Reinaldo Lazaga, like the santiaguero Ubert Mejias. All those players have caused casualties from the Cuban U-23 team that attends the World Cup in the category in Mexico.

A statement without understanding

When the record was broken on Sunday for the defections made by six Cuban players, the Cuban regime blamed the administration of President Donald Trump by defections, and does not recognize the aspirations of the players to prosper.

Earlier, the Sports Institute (Inder) had stated that “each abandonment from the ranks of #BeisbolCubano confirms the cynicism with which the Trump administration annulled the agreement between @CubanaBeisbol and @MLB” and added that this “cruel disadvantage prevents the flow natural to the circuits of that organization “.

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Six Cuban players escape from the U23 World Cup and the regime blames Trump

official press collage / pixabay

The Federation pointed out that the recent leaks in Mexico they are “concrete expressions” of the annulment of the agreement.

However, the dropouts have not only happened today, as a large number of retired players left the Island, in a very similar way.

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