A millionaire debt keeps the slate of the Hiram Bithorn stadium damaged

A debt of about $ 2 million from the Municipality of San Juan to an exclusive supplier has the scoreboard on the Hiram Bithorn stadium slate working in the middle of the well, which in these days has returned to receive fans with the start of the season of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League (LBPRC).

Last Saturday, more than 5,000 people came to the emblematic park for the opening match of the Cangrejeros de Santurce – a game that was attended by the new co-owner of the ninth, the reggaeton player Daddy yankee they noticed that the screen and the blackboard of the installation was off and that is how it remained throughout the game.

As a replacement, a small screen was used that marked the game numbers, but was difficult to see from the stands behind home plate, first and third base.

On Wednesday, for the game against the Carolina Giants, part of the board that marks the time, the numbers of the innings, plus the strikes and balls from each batting shift, plus the outs, worked. Out of order, however, were the scoring, hit, and error spaces.

The new day asked for a reaction from the mayor’s administration Miguel Romero about the breakdown. Her communications office sent a letter stating that the former mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, accumulated a millionaire debt for the care of the slate.

“Regarding the screen showing the score for professional baseball at Hiram Bithorn Stadium, it is an exclusive contract that was inherited from the past administration. Said screen is damaged and the supplier is owed an amount amounting to almost $ 2 million for the purchase, installation and maintenance, among others “Read the letter sent to this newspaper.

“For us, sport is a priority and due actions are being taken to resolve the situation. Given the debt incurred by the previous administration, we are in negotiations with the supplier and we hope to have good news in the coming days, “he added.

Romero’s office did not disclose who the supplier is.

The stadium began to receive fans since last Saturday. (David Villafane / Staff)

The president of the Cangrejeros, Justo Moreno, for his part, has as a priority to resolve the operation of the screen and the scoreboard as soon as possible.

“The slate has been decomposed a long time ago. In the Caribbean Series (February 2020) a replacement was placed ”, indicated Moreno, who does not know the cost of the device.

Moreno ruled out that Daddy Yankee invests in the repair or replacement of the board.

“I think it is unfair to ask Daddy Yankee to put on his kids. Daddy is here giving a lot of himself, to cooperate, to improve baseball and I think that is not a reasonable request. We all have to be reasonable and resolve how it has to be resolved, ”he said.

Brenda Rodríguez, communications chief of the Cangrejeros, said, on the other hand, that both the “Big Boss” and the owners of the ninth will invest in the remodeling of the stadium’s dressing rooms and suites.

“Everything we have faced we have overcome. Several things were done. The subject of the blackboard, the batting cages, the terrain was touched upon. It has been solved. We are happy and we have an excellent park. Little by little we are going to continue fine-tuning to get to where we need to go, ”Moreno added.

One of the broken seats at Hiram Bithorn Stadium.
One of the broken seats at Hiram Bithorn Stadium. (David Villafane / Staff)

Pleased fans

Outside of the blackboard and the occasional seat in the general useless areas, the Bithorn looks attractive to the fanatic, with the installation dressed in the colors of the Crabbers. The team supply store is always busy and fans have enjoyed Santurce’s two home victories to date.

On Wednesday, among some broken chairs, was Daniel Aponte, 66, a radio host and retired clinical social worker, who claims to have visited the park since he was 11 years old.

“When I arrived, I was impressed by the wait at the entrance half an hour from the game. I understand that it is because of the COVID-19 precautions. The park is beautiful, the gardens, I see everything well presented. But, I notice that in some areas, the chairs for example, are broken. But, in general terms, I see everything quite well ”, declared.

Nearby Aponte was René Rivera, a 47-year-old pastor, visiting the Bithorn for the first time this year.

“Everything seems very good to me. The beginning of the league has been quite good. We expect good baseball this year and that is why we are here. I have not seen differences in the past. I’ve seen a lot of cleaning, the terrain looks good and the board is working. It seems to me that they turned it on today, ”he said.


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A millionaire debt keeps the slate of the Hiram Bithorn stadium damaged