4 Venezuelans who can go to arbitration in 2022 and will receive salary increases

The years of arbitration represent the first opportunity to win millions of dollars for many of the players in the MLB, especially Venezuelans. For 2022, a new window opens in this regard that some will try to take advantage of.

This is the case of 4 athletes from Venezuela who are in the Big leagues and in the arbitration process next year they will have a substantial increase.

Omar Narváez has looked good with the Brewers

With the 2021 season to go a month away, Omar Narváez is one of the best hitters on the Milwaukee Brewers. He has a line of .284 / .369 / .444 before playing the game on August 31 and if all goes well he will culminate in that offensive range. These numbers, plus his invitation to the 2021 All-Star Game, are two compelling arguments to win in 2022 a salary that could be double the 2.5 million dollars he currently receives.