4 Latino receivers who could have a career similar to Yadier Molina’s in MLB

The season of 2022 will be the last in which the world of baseball will enjoy the genius of Yadier Molina with the pet; so it is necessary to ask: Who will be responsible for taking the witness left by the Puerto Rican in that position?

Next, we list the four Latino receivers who could have a career similar to that of “El Marciano” in the MLB.

1. Salvador Perez

The record man for the Kansas City Royals, Salvador Pérez, He is the leading candidate for a career very similar to Molina’s in MLB. In addition to his 46 homers and 115 RBIs in 2021, the Venezuelan is the leader in runners put out in attempted steal in the American League with 45%, which is accompanied by a .998 fielding.

2. Willson Contreras

Contreras, who has won 2 All-Star Game selections, this season has 908 innings as a receiver in which he accumulates a defensive percentage of .992, which places him as one of the best of his position in the National League.

3. Yasmani grandal

Grandal is primarily responsible for the good season the Chicago White Sox pitchers have had. In 2021, he has performed for 571.1 episodes as a mask in which he registers .988 in fielding percentage.

Four. Victor Caratini

Victor Caratini has made his way to the Padres thanks to his defense and way of guiding pitchers through games. This year in 96 meetings with San Diego he exhibits a fielding percentage of .998 in a total of 744.1 innings behind the plate.