30 Dominicans have debuted in the 2021 Major League Baseball season

The highest number of native players from the Dominican Republic that debuted in Las Mayores was in 2017 with 38

With the major league debut this week from the pitcher Oliver ortega with the Los Angeles Angels the figure of 30 natives of the Dominican Republic who have reached the Big Top in the 2021 season was reached.

A native of Nagua, he also became the 843 Quisqueyan player who debuts in the Major Leagues and belongs to the Tigres del Licey in LIDOM selected in the 2018 Draft in round 14.

Returning from an atypical season in 2020, where there were no minor leagues, also 30 Dominicans were able to make their debut in the Major Leagues with the difference, that there is little less than a month of regular campaign left in this 2021.

With the debut of Ortega, who threw a blank inning and a third with a single hit conceded and a strikeout, the third highest number of Dominicans debuting in a season is equaled, a figure that was also reached in 2006 and 2020.

The highest number of Dominicans who have debuted in the same season was achieved in 2017 with 38 players.

Unlike past seasons, MLB teams can have 26 active players on the daily roster and can add a 27 player on doubleheader days.

In the month of September, the rosters expand to 28 players and rise to 29 when two games are played on the same day and they can have a five-player taxi squad for the games on the road.

According to the current calendar, there are only days left when teams will have to play two games on the same date, if there are no more suspensions or postponements.

Other notable Dominican debuts in recent days have been those of Edward cabrera (Miami Marlins), Jose SirĂ­ (Houston Astros) and Julian Fernandez (Colorado Rockies). To them is added Wander franco, the spectacular Rays player, one of the most anticipated debuts of the season and who is in a historic first season and you can enjoy all of them exclusively by Star +.