10 players who didn’t believe much in the beginning and who became stars in the major leagues

Below 10 baseball players in which they did not believe long before, during or after their signing and who became stars in the baseball from MLB (Big leagues).

Alfonso Guy Carrasquel

The Venezuelan was originally signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who traded him to the Chicago White Sox and the shortstop, despite the fact that he was the third Venezuelan to play in MLB after his uncle Alejandro The Patón Carrasquel and Jesús Commissioner Ramos, the famous and popular one put Venezuela on the map of the Major Leagues and became the first Venezuelan star in the Big Show, who started the tradition of Venezuelan shortstop in the Big Top and also with that of that the best shortstops in the world are from Venezuela.

Guy Carrasquel paved the way for Luis Aparicio, the only one so far Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame) Venezuelan so far in MLB and other Venezuelan shortstops such as David Concepción, Oswaldo Guillén and Omar Vizquel among others.

Roberto Clemente

The Puerto Rican went from the Dodgers to the Pirates and became for many the best Latino player who has played in the Major Leagues, whose legacy has gone beyond the fields and has remained so relevant over time despite his eventful death , that they have asked the MLB to retire the teams’ number 21, as well as Jackie Robinson’s 42, that’s how great Clemente’s legacy is, more, but far beyond his numbers or stats.

Kenny lofton

Rumor has it that he was traded to the Cleveland Indians for racism in the Houston Astros, he was close to being the Rookie of the Year in the American League in 1992, from 1993 to 1999 he was among the Most Valuable Player (MVP) votes four times. , won four Golden Gloves and chosen six All-Star Game (Stars game).

Pedro Martinez

Another gem that the Dodgers let go, this time instead to the Montreal Expos where the Dominican began to show everything he could do from the mound of MLB especially with the Boston Red Sox where he made his mark in both the regular season, the All-Star Game and the postseason even relief.

Bob Abreu

The Houston Astros did not protect him in the 1998 Expansion Draft especially because they also had fellow countryman Richard Hidalgo who they decided to bet on and you know what they both did in the Major Leagues, especially Bob Abreu with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Albert pujols

The Dominican was chosen in the 13th round of the Draft MLB by the Cardinals of San Luis and put to play by Tony La Russa almost reluctantly due to the injury of the famous and popular millionaire contract Bobby Bonilla, and the rest is also history, the same story that Pujols continues to write in the Big leagues this time with the Dodgers heading for 700 home runs.

Johan santana

The Houston Astros did not protect him and lost him in the Regal 5 Draft to the Florida Marlins, but the Venezuelan ended up with the Minnesota Twins and being the first Venezuelan pitcher to win 20 games in a regular season of MLB, also winning the Cy Young Award for a Venezuelan pitcher, won two and was one of the most dominant pitchers in the Big leagues between 2004 and 2010 until injuries caused him to retire prematurely from baseball.

Jose Altuve

The Venezuelan was not allowed to pass try outs Because of his size and the Astros offered him only $ 15,000 to sign, which he did not care about, since he only wanted the chance to play, Altuve has won from the World Series, to the MVP and currently earns $ 29 million from year in MLB only in salary,

Fernando Tatís Jr.

Traded by the Chicago White Sox to the San Diego Padres for James Shields, the Dominican is a star in the Big leagues Since his debut in 2019 especially at the point of home runs and in 2021 he signed a contract with the Padres for 340 million dollars, although he is prone to injury, but that is his talent.


Ronald Acuña Jr.

The Venezuelan signed for only $ 100,000 and became a star since 2018 in MLB, when he won the Rookie of the Year Award, he has been close to 40-40 and is a constant MVP candidate, even at 50-50 and that $ 100,000 turned into a $ 100 million contract in an extension with the Braves. from Atlanta.